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Miller & Co Law Firm

About Us

The law firm of Dr. Miller and Co. was founded in 2001 by Advocate Dr. Ophir Miller with the purpose of creating a law firm in Israel that would place most of its emphasis and attention on professionalism and client service. The lawyers who work in the firm are highly skilled in service and communication, apart from their professional ability and expertise in their field of law.We place the client benefit as our main target, we choose a though bargaining or cooperation with the other side, all per the client needs and goals.

The office specializes in various fields: International law, civil and commercial law litigation and personal status. We provide an overall and comprehensive solution to our clients in accordance with their growing needs.

Among our clients: high tech companies, real estate companies, hotels, foreign companies, non-profit institutions, athletes, artist and clients from the entertainment industry.

Dr. Miller, the office founder: “ The lawyer in our current world is acquired to perform special expertise, creative thinking and a high knowledge of the laws and current judgments.  I believe that our work method can provide professional along with effective service to our clients”.