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We strongly believe in mediation as a primary avenue for resolving disputes outside the courtroom. 
We implement active listening, and invest in seeking optimally beneficial solutions for the parties involved.

Mediation saves costs and time, and may even promote rehabilitation of the relationship, whether between business partners, family, or members of the community.
Mediation can be conducted prior to commencing court proceedings, or at any point throughout the litigation process.

Our areas of expertise include, inter alia:
• Disputes with local or regional government
• Community (building committees, disputes between neighbors)
• Consumerism
• Family issues (divorce, inheritance) and more.

Dr. Miller & Co. Law Firm offers mediation services which support and facilitate negotiation, working towards an appropriate agreement that becomes a win win for those involved.  Acting as mediator, we are committed to confidentiality, and work directly with the parties, or with each side’s legal representative, towards avoiding court determinations that leave no leeway for flexibility.

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