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Adv. Dr. Ophir Miller Dr. Ophir Miller specializes in commercial law, court litigation, mediation, is one of Israel’s few experts on international adoption, and holds vast experience in multicultural international negotiation. He is a Disciplinary Tribunal member of the Tel Aviv District Bar Association. He lectures in Ben Gurion University’s Faculty of Management.
Adv. Dr. Ophir Miller
Adv. Adi Miller Adv. Miller holds significant experience in the field of torts and insurance, including traffic accidents, life insurance and property insurance, having represented large scale insurance portfolios for many years. She is also highly expert in representing clients vis-à-vis Social Security, Invalid Law vis-à-vis Ministry of Defense, medical and appeal committees.
Adv. Adi Miller
Adv. Elinor  Dolf Adv. Elinor Dolf leads the office real estate department. She counsels clients in a vast variety of deals, projects and legal procedures. Elinor has a unique and vast experience in the field of condominium, includes support and legal advice to tenants, house committees and management companies, and representation before the Commissioner on land.
Adv. Elinor Dolf
Adv. Anat Barak Adv. Barak specializes in labor law, including prevention of dismissal of pregnant women, and issues of sexual harassment in the workplace. She additionally represents organizations and companies in class actions in the Labor Court.
Adv. Anat Barak


Osnat Adler Ms. Adler specializes in research and mediation, offering consultancy and facilitation as a mediator in family law, labor laws, and consumerism.
Osnat Adler
Dafna Lev Dafna has many years of experience in senior positions in the Ministry of Education and in local municipalities. Dafna served as deputy head of the pedagogical administration at the Education Ministry headquarters, managing the central district of the Ministry of Education, and in her last position served as director of the Education Administration of the Tel Aviv Municipality. Dafna holds a BA in biology, a teaching and research certificate from Tel Aviv University, a master's degree in education administration from Tel Aviv University, as well as many courses in the fields of science teaching, educational management, and graduate of the Tel Aviv University.
Dafna Lev
Education consultant